Workshop Information

Duration1 Day
Cost$100 per person
Location11 or more workshops to be offered nationwide — see below for details

Target Audience

This workshop is targeted to engineers, planners and designers who design roundabouts and signalized intersections with channelized turn lanes (CTLs). Participants should be familiar with the basic principles of roundabout and intersection design as may be taught in an introductory roundabout design class or at-grade intersection class. The workshop is open to public and private sector transportation professionals.

Workshop Agenda (8:00AM-5:00PM)

Workshop Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Workshop Locations

RaleighNCJuly, 2017
PortlandORWed., April 11, 2018
ColumbusOHWed., May 2, 2018
OrlandoFLTues., May 22, 2018
AtlantaGAWed., May 23, 2018
OaklandCAWed., June 6, 2018
ShoreviewMNWed., July 11, 2018
BostonMAWed., August 8, 2018
AlbanyNYWed., September 19, 2018
Bonner SpringsKSWed., October 17, 2018
AustinTXWed., November 28, 2018